Site History

This is a summary of the changes that have happened to the site over time.

Oct 29 2014Added in Reunion documents and menu25
May 07 2008Updated Second Newsletter - adding in Ryan's news24
Apr 30 2008Updated Second Newsletter - adding in Pauline's news and email replies23
Apr 11 2008Added Second Newsletter and moved News menu to private area22
Jul 22 2006Added First Newsletter and news menu21
Jun 13 2006Added extra links to websites maintained by family20
May 27 2006Added Extended Family Tree Menu and Birthdays Menu19
Dec 15 2005Added Michael's,Graham's and Peter's Christmas 1993 album18
Oct 20 2005Updated Christmas Day Venues Archive17
Aug 23 2005Reorganised Photos Menu16
Aug 22 2005Added Michael's Brendan album15
Aug 22 2005Added Michael's Papua New Guinea 1 album15
Aug 22 2005Added Michael's Papua New Guinea 2 album15
Aug 22 2005Added Michael's Samoa After Cyclone Val Feb 1992 album15
Aug 22 2005Added Patrick's Christmas 1993 album15
Aug 08 2005Added more pictures to '2 Hosking Place' Gallery14
Jul 17 2005Added Pauline's Christmas 1993 Photo Album13
Jul 17 2005Added Pauline's Photo Album13
Jul 08 2005Added Tiratu-Tipap Reunion Booklet Excerpts to Archive menu12
Jul 07 2005Added Land Title documents for Kopua Rd, Hamilton Rd and 2 Hosking Place to Archive menu11
Jul 05 2005Added Dad's Coins document to Archive menu10
Jul 02 2005Unknown Photo Gallery removed - photos identified by Michael9
Jun 29 2005Added Archive documents8
Jun 25 2005Added Archive documents7
Jun 25 2005Added Biographies as PDF documents7
Jun 25 2005Added Mum's Biography Images7
Jun 24 2005Photo Galleries moved to private area6
Jun 22 2005Added Dad's Biography Images and Maps5
Jun 17 2005Added Ray's, Bernard's, Loreen's Christmas 1993 Photo Albums4
Jun 17 2005Added Ray's Photos used for his 60th montage4
Jun 14 2005Added topics to interviews3
Jun 13 2005Move family tree to private area2
May 2005Development of Site1